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JAMBO TELEMATICS is a high-tech company that uses IoT Technology to power decision-making for corporates and businesses. Our System makes monitoring and controlling company assets easier with the use of one dashboard in our mobile and web applications.


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Fleet Monitoring Control

Real-time monitoring and tracking of companies' mobile assets including vehicles, equipment, drivers, driver’s behavior, and cargo movement. We use GPS Tracking units to monitor and track all fleet activity for all fleet types and sizes.

We provide Fuel Level Monitoring solutions, that allow remote monitoring of liquid levels inside fuel tanks or reservoirs in real-time. These solutions allow you to access fluid-level information such as temperature, and RH on devices such as mobile phones and desktops.

Fuel monitoring allows the management of fuel in the best way possible in order to reduce the company’s operational costs. Fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with accurate fuel information that allows companies to make informed decisions.

Our Genset Fuel Monitoring Solution is a breakthrough technology that helps and makes generators more efficient and durable. We monitor the virtual KPIs that you require from your remote generator to help manage your business’s efficiency and provide you with peace of mind.

The smart asset monitoring solution is a combination of IoT devices, assets, workflows, and analytics that provide centralized monitoring for asset-intensive industries such as power, oil & gas, transportation, and supply chain.

GPS Personal Trackers are a great tool that can be used for a wide variety of uses. Small and easy to call, GPS Personal trackers can be carried un-noticed They can be utilized as GPS tracking devices to pinpoint your exact location, send SMS alerts in case of emergency, make voice calls, man down and NO movement alerts.

Weight sensors with GPS tracking devices monitor all moving trucks. The onboard weighing system is designed to control the load on each of the axles of vehicles and to determine the weight of goods carried by a vehicle.

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