Genset Management & Monitoring

Genset Management & Monitoring

Diesel generator sets (gensets) supply regular and emergency electrical power across many industries from factories to field hospitals, meaning power interruptions can make the difference between profit and loss or even life and death.
Our Genset Fuel Monitoring Solution is a breakthrough technology that helps and makes generators more efficient and durable. We monitor the virtual KPIs that you require from your remote generator to help manage your business’s efficiency and provide you with peace of mind.
Our solution encompasses a remote control capability to enable you to automatically monitor fuel levels, fuel consumption, coolant levels, engine temperature, RPMs, abnormal noise levels, power generated, capacity utilization, running hours, and also detect anomalies.
The information can be used for generator health check monitoring, automatic scheduling, and predictive maintenance. What’s more, if a fault is detected, the system will notify you by sending you an email/text notification, alert a monitoring station, and/or turn on station alarms

IoT Fuel sensors & smart devices are installed on the diesel generator that monitors various parameters such as -power generated, battery voltage, run hours, fuel level, etc.
A gateway device then communicates these readings to our central server over the internet. The sensors monitoring the Genset work on GPRS or 3G/4G.
One can log onto the Jambo Telematics web application (or) Mobile App & view generator parameters, and create reports anywhere and anytime.

All reports include generator status, fuel and maintenance reports, etc

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