Asset Tracking And Monitoring

Asset Tracking And Monitoring

The smart asset monitoring solution is a combination of IoT devices, assets, workflows, and analytics that provide centralized monitoring for asset-intensive industries such as power, oil & gas, transportation, and supply chain.
The solution can help you make the most out of your aging assets and reduce lifecycle costs. We can also help you monitor your virtual assets such as data from various business systems. Predictive analytics capabilities result in reduced technology costs, improved efficiency of business processes, and increased ROI. Integrating IoT solutions with industries is beneficial for increasing production rates and overall profitability.

Track and locate assets instantly

➢ Locate and manage assets remotely using sensors in real-time with passage variations.
➢ Track health conditions through an interactive dashboard.
➢ Measure machine performance and track missing assets

Implement predictive maintenance

➢ Detect machine problems via deviations in the normal pattern.
➢ Measure KPIs to detect anomalies and predict equipment failure.
➢ Create a predictive maintenance plan to ensure uninterrupted production.

Centralized Dashboard

Our solution is developed with a centralized dashboard to help users have convenient access to the entire plant operations through one platform. It also allows you to monitor the assets remotely and lets you stay updated via interconnected smart devices

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