Fuel Management Solutions

Fuel Management Solutions

Intelligent Decisions require Intelligent Technology!

Fuel Level Monitoring solutions, allow remote monitoring of liquid levels inside fuel tanks or reservoirs in real-time. These solutions allow you to access fluid-level information such as temperature, and RH on devices such as mobile phones and desktops.

Our company automates, simplifies, and secures the refueling process through the use of our Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Easy Fuel Plus & Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) solutions across a range of verticals, comprising the retail, commercial, industrial, and mining sectors.

Automatic fuel management helps to reduce operational expenditure by eliminating manual processes as well as by providing quality data that not only enables effective management of fuel inventory and consumption but also helps to prevent fraud. The system is suitable for tanks, bulk storage tanks, and tanks below ground.

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Technical Features

Accurate Measurement

The level monitoring system uses a wireless ultrasonic sensor and fluid’s surface to ensure accurate level readings of the stored fluid.

Real-time Inventory Level Indicator

This identifies and measures accurate liquid levels inside large storage tanks irrespective of storage size, shape, or liquid type.

End-to-End Comprehensive IoT Solution

Our system is a One-Stop Solution where hardware, software, and connectivity are bundled together to improve efficiency.

Remote Valve Control

Control water/oil flow via mobile phone or desktop from anywhere on the planet.

Compatible with Multiple Tanks

The system is tailored by considering all the sizes and shapes of storage tanks in multiple industries.

User-friendly Interface

Our Service can be easily accessed through our website or mobile application.

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