Fuel Monitoring And Control

Fuel Monitoring And Control

Fuel costs can account for one-third of all fleet operation costs, so it is important to manage them in the best way possible in order to reduce the company’s operational costs. Fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with accurate fuel information that allows companies to make informed decisions.

Accurate fuel management

Our system provides detailed information on fuel levels and consumption allowing transport managers to compare drivers and vehicles according to their fuel consumption and distance traveled, plan trips and refueling stops, and analyze real-time fuel consumption data to improve fleet management.

Fuel savings and control

Real-time fuel level and consumption information allow transport managers to prevent and detect fuel theft events. Fuel level fluctuations are clearly displayed, so it is possible to identify fuel theft and check whether a driver has filled a fuel tank by as much as claimed. Furthermore, when drivers know that the fuel is being monitored, they are less likely to waste it while they drive, since they are taking responsibility for it.

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